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Unlike other payment providers, Zazma offers your customers funding, even when other payment providers will not.

Zazma is able to provide flexible lines of credit because Zazma's funding decisions are based on what customers are currently buying.
Using our patent-pending financial algorithm, we provide immediate, online funding for business purchases (including equipment, inventory, supplies and services).

In doing so, Zazma not only funds your customers but pays you directly, and guarantees the payment.

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Accept Zazma online payments, and we'll give your customers the credit they need to buy more of your goods and services!

Stop giving your customers             free trade credit!

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Zazma - Funding America’s Small Businesses

How Zazma helps you Sell More:

You Sell More

Suppliers sell more with Zazma because customers have the funds to buy what they need. Financing of up to $5000 per invoice.

100% Guaranteed Payments

Suppliers can focus on running their business as Zazma 100% guarantees payment and thereby eliminates collection headaches.

Flexible Payment Schedule

Suppliers have the flexibility to choose when to collect their payment from Zazma - any day, any time of the day.

Simple, Instant Online Payments

Suppliers can provide instant approval of purchase financing, via a simple online mobile platform.

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